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Provatect is committed to innovative, high quality deliverables

Provatect is a solutions-based records and information management consulting company that brings a total three decades of experience in developing and implementing records and information management programs. Since its incorporation in 2007, Provatect has provided high quality deliverables and innovative services to some of North America’s top commercial companies and public sector organizations.

We continue to build an exceptionally high client satisfaction rating through creative, client-focused application of our systematic methodologies.

Information Governance

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Laws, regulations, industry standards – your organization’s records and information are subject to a wide range of external requirements. Meanwhile, the organization has its own business drivers and strategic priorities. How do you close this gap and make information work for your business?

Records Retention

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Provatect’s Records Retention Scheduling methodology fuses innovative, user-friendly category design with the most thorough legal research process in records management. As one of our clients recently said, “The simple design makes IT happy, while the legal citations made our lawyers happy.”

Records Management Training

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Successful records and information management depends on informed, enabled personnel from across the entire organization. But how do you transfer necessary skills and knowledge about a topic that has the potential to be dry, tedious or boring?