Innovating Quality Information

Records Retention Scheduling

Provatect’s Records Retention Scheduling methodology fuses innovative, user-friendly category design with the most thorough legal research process in records management.  As one of our clients recently said, “The simple design makes IT happy, while the legal citations made our lawyers happy.”  Here are just some of the benefits of Provatect’s industry-leading records retention schedules:

Our Retention Schedule Designs

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Less user errors in applying categories.
  • Minimal revision or additions over time.
  • Easily integrated with more detailed file plans and metadata taxonomies.
  • Implementation-ready in both physical and electronic environments.
  • Compliant with industry standards, such as ISO 15489 and the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles®.

Our Records Retention Research

  • 19,061 retention rules and legal limitation periods tabulated
  • 15,669 specific laws titles reviewed
  • 75 legal jurisdictions covered
  • Reviewed and updated regularly
  • Easily mapped to any records classification
  • Exclusive to Provatect clients